No Escape

by Work For It



recorded by Wojtek Lange, mix & master by Czaja, cover photo by Mieszko Chmielarski


released December 12, 2012



all rights reserved


Work For It Poland

S - voc
A - bass
B - drums
F - guitar
J - guitar

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Track Name: Defenceless
I've decided to protect myself from you and world
Hide in the darkest nooks behind the thickest walls
You took my soul far away so I can’t feel anything
Even if I want I will not be free
My body is abandoned, my heart is bleeding
Too many wounds, bury me in the soil
I gave up I don’t want to fight
Just let me fall asleep and never wake up
Track Name: Uncertainty
The uncertainty of our times
Is keeping my heart
In pain and fear
And nothing seems
To have changed
All life long
Worrying about job
Thinking about money
I can't be sure
What tommorow's gonna bring
I'm destroyed inside
I'm done , I'm done
Truly I have enough
I can finally scream
Fuck that shit
I'll never be able to see the sun
I'm smashed by future
I'm smashed by reality
There is no hope for me
It makes me sick
Track Name: Already Dead
Finally standing between sensibility and coldness
Feeling nothing, my soul just disappeared
In fact it's what I want to be
No more feelings, just reality
Your lies will never touch my heart
I'm already dead
Fading compassion, fear is nothing
I've just discovered my rotten mind
Darkness took a source in my head
Truly I'm forever cursed
That's why I'm already dead.
Track Name: Condemned
They're walking with fake smiles,
still pretending that they love.
In fact they've already judged me.
I've never had a chance to say how I feel.
No tolerance in their eyes they've burried me too soon.
What the fuck do they want from me? Have i ever made a promise?
I'm misunderstood because of your religion. I am condemned to suffering.
All my beliefs - it doesn't matter.
Everything i do, they woul do i t better.
Religoius fighters will drag you through the mud.
Faith in god, faith in love. Everything is a lie, they're fucking hypocrites.
I've just found out that:
I am misunderstood because of religion.
I am condemned to suffering.